Fee Structure 2018

Fee Particulars Amount
Registration Rs.500/-
Security (Refundable) Rs.2,500/-
Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs.2,500/-
Siblings Discount
1st sibling (15% of Tuition Fee) Rs.2,300/-
2nd sibling (25% of Tuition Fee) Rs.2,025/-
**Annual Charges (All kinds of Tests, Events, Exams and Energy Backup) Rs.3,000/-
*Monthly Tuition Fee (Pre-School to Grade 5) Rs.2,700/-
Total Fee Rs.10,900/-



  • Only security deposit is refundable.
  • **Annual Charges shall be due on October (Installments Bases).
  • *Tuition Fee shall be paid on a bimonthly (Every Two Months) basis.
  • *Tuition Fee is payable on the 7th day of the month, Rs. 100 per day fine shall be levied each day after due date.