Submit Application Form and Enrollment Fee

In order to secure student space in a classroom, new students are required to pay registration fee of Rs.2500 and returning student will be paying registration fee of Rs.500 for every new year.

Select A Start Date and Return Student Enrollment Forms

At this stage, students may get admitted into school immediately or may be put on a waiting list. Students will choose a start date which may be the beginning of the following term or the beginning of summer. Families will receive the full enrollment forms by this time.

Classroom Visit (Optional But Highly Recommended)

Make arrangements with the schools management to visit one of the classrooms. This will provide a good chance for students to get familiar with the classrooms and give parents a good chance to meet the teachers.

School Tour

The applicants and parents are allowed to take tour of the school office and they can also get basic information regarding any query. Moreover, they are able to see the state of the art facilities offered by the school.