At Gems we make sure that the students of our school are not born just to compete with their own class fellows but with other schools as well. With the help of our Specially Designed Techniques your child will have all the development that he/she needs at the primary school.We provide extraordinary and adventurous activities to our students, such as:




We encourage the students to have spiritual thoughts and feelings which are an integral part of the emotional growth process for young children.


Physically they are much more coordinated in high energy activities such​ as running and climbing and may have progressed to riding a tricycle.


A child’s social development is the ability to interact with other children and adults is a critical piece of the development puzzle.


We make sure that students of our school should be emotionally attached with the nation.


We make sure that every child in our school communicates well with their surroundings.

Character Building

We teach children at our school that they should treat each other with respect is an important part of character building that can make the difference in the success of our classroom.


We make sure the “mental action of our student or the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses”.


At Gems we strive to give religious knowledge side by side.