GEMS Education Pakistan is an idea generated by a team of internationally renowned educationists having working and institution formation experience at international level. Based on GAP analysis: teaching facilities, techniques and models are developed. GEMS schools are personality builder, creative mind developer and contemporary skills nurturer in additional to knowledge inculcator.

Gems Education’s Preschool, is a complete packaged solution for your child’s developmental needs, we with our extensive research and years of experience concluded that it’s the pedagogy that matters, hence our methodology is carefully designed catering to the child’s total developmental needs, in six key child developmental areas which are cognitive, social, emotional, physical, religious/spiritual, and language/communication development.

Our enrollment normally starts with a child being 3 years old.



Gems Education aims to provide quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence through quality management, quality training and quality teaching, bringing benefits to our students, the community and the wider world.


Gems Education values its heritage while it continues to reinvent its educational approach to meet the needs of the future. We believe that modern methods and attitudes can enable students achieve their fullest potential.

With the world and the needs of the community changing at an ever-increasing rate, Gems Education endeavours to be open to change, to adapt, innovate and keep pace with the goals that society expects. At gems, our aim and belief is that through hard work and effort, students will be able to step confidently into the real and highly competitive world. We ensure that they are equipped with the ability to make mature and well-informed judgements based on a clear understanding of essential principles, concepts and moral values. This, we believe, is the best contribution we can make towards their development as productive members of society and, through them, to the country and the wider world.